Friday, March 09, 2007

Marking Gauge

Hi Folks
Been spending any spare time in the 'shop making a marking gauge. I know, I know - I don't need another marking gauge. But I bought some brass rod and tube that gave me an idea.......
So here is the Philly marking gauge MK I - not the prettiest thing but an interesting exercise. It needs to be a lot smaller and I may change the shape of the body for the next one (a bit too much Titemark!!) but it works nice. Good practise on the lathe(s) too! Just need to make a suitable cutter.
Thought I'd better get my act together with the fluted table so I have finished making the drawer, glued it up and fitted it. The runners are great, well worth the money and totally hidden. Result! The false front is receiving yet more coats of oil and will be fitted tonight. I also made up some brass adjustable feet to keep the bottom edge of the flutes just off the floor. They are a little delicate so it made sense to raise them a little.
I am pleased with the dovetail arrangement. I think I might use this a lot - what do you think?


Nick W said...

Runners, what Runners? Great result.

Is that Walnut in the gauge too? The colour looks very different to the table, is that because of the light, the finish, something else. I'm afraid the colour looks rather like Interesting Piece No 11 on UKW which I find vaguely noxious (the colour not the forum). I'm trying to think what the colour reminds me of in an effort to work out why I dislike it so much. As I'm making a pair of tables in Walnut at the mo. (never used Walnut before), I'm praying that they don't end up the same colour, not that I'll have to live with them. I'm intending to stain them with van Dyke soln. with perhaps a drop of red added for warmth, before finishing with oil.

Nick W said...

Oh yes, and the dovetails. Keep on using them - they look great. Might even nick the idea myself.

Philly said...

Runners? Went for Blum tandem runners with the snazzy self closers. Smart action!
The timber of the gauge is not walnut! It is Ovangkol, a tough African exotic that I had in the offcuts box. I was going to use rosewood but couldn't bring myself to waste it on a prototype.....
Be careful with the Van Dyke - I find it can make the walnut too dark. I am a fan of the mature medium brown colour walnut acquires :)
Glad you like the dovetail - I saw them first though ;)
have a good weekend

Anonymous said...

That oil finish on the table is looking good, Phil and, yes, I like the dovetails - I think dovetails offer a lot of scope for decorative effect. Also like the marking gauge - you're getting good at this tool making business.


Paul Chapman

Anonymous said...

Hi Philly, love the table esp the fluted sides! Nice start on the marking gauge just have too many projects on the go to keep up with! :-P


Ps.Is it possible to post better/higher quality .jpg pictures? Its just the colour and grain are getting a little bit mushed due to the compresion.

Philly said...

Thanks Paul! :)
Too many projects, Simon?? Nah, if I slow down the Missus asks me to do DIY.....;)
I will post some better pic on my website soon. I'll also look into upping the quality of the pics here.