Friday, March 23, 2007

So Where Has He Been?

I know, I know. Ten days with no blogging........ :(
I won't bore you with the excuses but I have been busy - Honest!
To the workshop......
I'm building a Jack Plane. A good old, traditional wooden Jack. But the thought of chiseling out the mortise for the throat left me cold, so, in the best lazy/chicken boy manner I went for lamination.
But of course, I had to try it with a twist! So I have used the Krenov style (two thin outer cheeks sandwiching the bed and toe blocks) but cut the abutments and throat out of the toe block in the traditional style. So now it is glued together it looks like I chiseled it out. Except I just spoiled things by letting you in on the secret..... ;)
I made the rear tote last night - had a lot of fun shaping and smoothing it using rasps. It is surprising how quickly you can work when you have the right tool for the job.
I still have to make the wedge and cut the mortise for the handle so expect to see some completed photo's (complete with "it works!" shavings - hopefully) on the weekend.


ByonBlack said...

Looking good phil!

What wood are you using for the construction? It looks a bit like ash?

Also, what do you use for blades, I know you made some of your own on your prevous planes, but do you always do that, or do you use an aftermarket model?

Philly said...

Hi Byron
Timber is beech - the planks I have are slightly spalted so the colour is a little darker (as well as streaky) I've just pt the first coat of oil on the plane - really dark, now! Pics a little later tonight.
Irons - you can use second hand irons but I've had lots of success recently with my own made ones. Cheap, they fit perfectly (because I tweak them til they do!) and hold an edge well.