Monday, September 25, 2006

Suck and Blow

Managed to do some serious testing of the cyclone on the weekend. Good news.....Bads news.......
First-it works! It works very well. With my able assistant Waka, we fed about a cubic foot of assorted chipping, shaving and fine dust into the inlet. Check the bin and we have lots-check the newly fitted clear sack on the extractor? A very small amount of very fine dust, probably a teaspoonful;) A success!
To take advantage of the cyclone you really need to duct out the workshop with piework and blast gates. And maybe build a lean-to outside the workshop to hold the cyclone and extractor (after all, you need about 2 square meters of floor space). After much measuring and planning, I'm just not ready to "commit" to a final position for each machine (I just keep re-arranging stuff!) And the Missus is not happy about me building little workshop extensions.......;)
So, there you go. A design that works, is pretty easy to build and costs very little. If you require the plans just give me a shout.
I also made some more moulding for the tool chest-got to use my moulding planes again. What fun little planes-have you noticed how certain tools are a joy to use?? I then used biscuits to join them to the top. Biscuit jointer, MDF and shop vac blaring. Not quite so joyful as the planes....;)
I have some fancy inlay I plan to fit to the top-my first time, so wish me luck.
Have a good week


Nick W said...

How well does the collection box seal? If not perfectly then you will get an updraught in the cyclone, preventing the really fine stuff from falling into the box. How clean was your DEx bag before and after the experiments?

However I do like the idea and have been pondering along similar lines for the day my tuit comes in.

Alf said...

All right, wait for it...


Had to be done... ;~)

Philly said...

The collection box was pretty well sealed (I used thich felt as a seal). The bag was a new one-totally empty. After we had what you see in the picture-abouthalf a teaspoon of very fine dust. With some fianl seal tweaking I think this unit would be pretty damn good.
And this very unit is up for grabs if you want it-I have no room to store it, so if you want it come and get it.
I was waiting for that-and it was well deserved ;)

Nick W said...

Sorry Phil, I was thinking of the top bag/filter, you know, the big black sock thingy

Philly said...

Sorry Nick, my mistake. I was using the 2HP Perform extractor-it is almost new. The bag was clean after (I did the punch test)but then this extractor does have a strong cyclone effect itself.
They seem to be a good match, the Perform and the cyclone. Cheap too! ;)

Tony said...

Now that's a real shame, all that work but mrs P won't allow you to store it outside that HUGE workshop :) I know where you're coming from Phil, fixing the position of machines and piping in the extraction just doesn't sound like my kind of fun. I don't wheel the extractor around anymore. I have a
piece of flexible (concertina) pipe on each machine which lies on the floor and one on the extractor. I also have a through connector on the extractor pipe. Doddle to connect any machine without moving anything around as all pipes end in the same area of floor.

Pipes are these

coupler is this



Andy said...

Philly be a good chap and bob us the plans @

I've heard that flexible ribbed 4" piping can reduce suction dramtically so hardwiring is probably the way to go (certainly my plan as I have finally settled where all my machines sit - but not have build the cyclone yet)
All we need now is someone to figure out how to homebuild Ecogates - these natty self opening blast gates that also turn on your collector
Nice job matey - da iawn

Andy (who is bored numbless at Frankfurt airport thank god for wifi)