Monday, September 11, 2006

The Big Bash (and how I survived)

It's all over! And what a day it was......
The UK Workshop Big Bash turned out to be quite an event. Imagine thirty slightly crazed wood-heads squeezed into your workshop. Yeah, it was fun!!!!!
First, though, a confession. Friday night a few members wanted to go out for a curry. Sadly, this then led to the local pub. When they threw us out certain (un-named) members then retired to the workshop with a Mr Jack Daniels until 3am.......I was a little "rattled" Satirday morning. So apologies if I looked a mess and was wondering around a bit dazed. ;)
But it was a great day-to actually put faces to names, chat freely (no typing involved!!!) and get your hands on some tools was a truly enjoyable experience. I can tell this is going to be at least an annual event.
Dave L has kindly posted some pictures here.
So a big thank you to all that could come along, especially our guest demonstrators who did a marvelous job. Alf, Chas and Tony-I salute you!
Now I have to go. I have some more jobs to do for the Missus. The "making up" process might be taking a long time ;)


Anonymous said...

It's already been said elsewhere, but who cares I'll say it again - a fabulous day Phil and many thanks to your wife for all her hard work.

Paul Chapman

Philly said...

It was a great day-thanks to all for making it so. The Wife is working me hard, so should be back in the good books come Xmas ;)