Thursday, September 21, 2006


Just a quick one for Nick W, a tease really.
Here's a picture of my "mini-cyclone", all ready for a weekend of testing and tweaking.
I'll report back soon.....


Alf said...

Mini?! Have you shrunk, Phil...? ;~)

Nick W said...

Hmmm, interesting, working in mixed media too. When do you start mass production? ;-D

Anonymous said...

Well Phil, the wife could hardly not notice that..... You do live dangerously!


Philly said...

Mixed media???? Nice-can I use that in my CV Nick? ;)
If I can't find the room for it you can have it, Mate!
Alf, not shrunk. The cyclone is just, ahh.....huge;) Definitely NOT compact and bajou. Mostin ;)
Paul, I do like to live life on the edge. Sadly, its mostly the edge of the Missus tongue....;)

Nick W said...

Thanks for the offer, but I have a cunning plan for mine. Still can't find the tuit though.