Wednesday, September 20, 2006

And Another......

Spurred on by the success of the walnut handle here's another in maple. I found the maple a lot easier to work (the walnut was a bit soft in places making it difficult to get it clean and sharp). I cut the slot last night and mortised out for the back-might experiment with a little stain before applying the finish. Or not, I'll see how much time I get ;)
Tested the cyclone yesterday-it works!!! Need to sort out hook-up of hoses and sort any leaks and it will be time for a proper go. I'm intrigued!
Mrs P entered the workshop, stage left. "What are you doing now??" "It's a replacement handle for a saw" replies Philly. "And what the hell is that huge cone thing??". "It's a cyclone dust extractor" says a slightly nervous Philly. "Great to see you're working on important things that need to be done" says Mrs P, with sarky, venom filled voice. Thankfully she then retreated from the workshop (exit stage left) and I returned to the current task-and ignoring my "To-Do" list.
And the moral of this story?
If you complete tasks on the "To-Do" list then more will magically appear. To prevent this make sure you mostly work on trivial projects and "essential" shop items ;)
cheers, Philly


Anonymous said...

You think you won that round with Mrs P but you'll learn (speaking from 36 years experience)........

Another nice handle, BTW.

Paul Chapman

Nick W said...

So some on, lets see this cyclone then (he said, impatiently)

Alf said...

Another handle, huh? Don't tell me - you can give it up any time you like... :) Looks good.

Anonymous said...

That list will just get longer regardless of whether you complete tasks or no, least mine does.

Philly said...

Paul-reckon you may be right;)
Nick-your patience (of sorts) will soon be rewarded!
Al-oh yes, I can stop any time I want. Honest! (hands show slight tremor and sweat breaks on brow)
Mike-you know you're right. Sometimes I like to delude myself....;)

Mike Wenzloff (MikeW) said...

If you complete tasks on the "To-Do" list then more will magically appear.

That works for me--for now...Haven't ticked off too much in the several years we've been in this home. After a full remodal from a new foundation up, I got burned out.

Handles look good, Phil...take care, Mike