Monday, September 18, 2006

Dust Sucks.

Spent some more time shaping and sanding the new saw handle-it looks and FEELS a lot better. Some final sanding and I'll get a finish on it. I also have a larger tenon saw waiting stage left for the same treatment. Thanks to Alf for posting the "Sawcollectors Anonymous" stuff-great/terrible reading ;)
I'm also working on a cyclone dust collector-there has been a lot of discussion on the UK Workshop forum recently and I happened upon a set of plans. I'm about 85% of the way through the build so will report back on it's, A: usefulness, or B: its time wasting abilities ;) As my machinery is now in its (kinda) final positions have been toying with the idea of ducting in the dust extraction instead of wheeling it from machine to machine. Or just not using it.........;)
Waka came by the shop yesterday to borrow the band saw. I was shocked he still hasn't bought the Festool one ;)
Have a good week,


Anonymous said...

That handle looks really nice, Phil. Hope you will let us see a picture when you've applied the finish. All these handles you and Alf produce are quite inspirational - must pull my finger out and try some myself.

Paul Chapman

Nick W said...

If your cyclone plans are not the Pentz ones, where did you find them?

Philly said...

The plans were in an old Shop Notes magazine. I can send you them when I'm done if you want?

Nick W said...

Thanks for the offer, but unless they're redically different I'll probably stick to Pentz when the tuit arrives.

Tony said...

Looks pretty impressive mate. Very inmterested in results and might even make one myself if it works well - no idea where I'll keep it though as some of us have only a single garage to play in :(