Sunday, April 02, 2006

Useful Site

Came across an interesting site for you Woodies out there. It is and the site is to showcase your completed projects. There are some very pretty pieces to see and you can post your own, complete with photo's and a short description. It is obviously early days for the site but it is professionally put together and looks very smart. As a bonus it is free to sign up! What more could you ask?


Alf said...

Aww, Phil, you didn't. I got a "please look at my site" email from them; frankly it was spam and I treated it as such. Should the person concerned be reading this; please note if you repeat the email, I'll repeat my action too... Okay, I did go to take a look, but I gave up waiting for the page to load.

But never mind that; everything crossed that the chain gets moving again so you can!

Martin said...

Thanks for nice review Phil. I appreciate it.

Alf, I've just contacted you directly through your blog (because I found it very interesting) and asked you for possible review. You're welcome to join the site whenever you want.