Sunday, April 09, 2006

Saw Point

Well I still haven't moved-please, don't ask. I have given up guessing at dates so am going to get back on with life instead of "waiting for a phone call". Yes, it's been pretty frustrating...
On a positive note my Wenzloff saw arrived! It is a beauty and cuts amazingly well. Many thanks, Mike! You have excelled yourself :)
Went to the Yandles Woodworking show yesterday (doesn't time fly-seems like the last one was only a few weeks ago). It was a lot of fun with a very relaxed atmosphere. It was busy but not so busy as to be painful. Spent a few quid at the Classic Hand Tools store and met up Martyn and Martin from the UK Workshop team. There was also some beautiful English Walnut planks for sale. If I had a little more storage (and no impending house move) I would of gone mad on that lot. time.


Anonymous said...

we saw we were amazed dont give up your day job
sally carol and a pal

Philly said...

Hah, ha!
Wait til I see you!
Phil ;)