Friday, March 31, 2006

Limbo Squared

We were very close to exchanging and another problem has arisen further down the chain. Packing up has come to a halt, and a glum cloud has descended upon the household. Needless to say, no woodwork has been going on. Can't kick this darn flu, either.
Still, it is the weekend (just) so a relaxing couple of days (and maybe the odd whisky) will be just the ticket.
On the workshop front, I have ordered a new bandsaw today. After much research an Axminster Plus model has been chosen. More on that when it turns up!
Have a good weekend,


Anonymous said...

Rotten luck on the house move front mate! Bet it makes you glad you didn't give all your wood away though! Let's hope that the cahin mends itsekf shortly.
Otherwise go and find that farm with a barn - you know that is your destiny.

Philly said...

Yeah, I'm certainly glad I didn't give the timber away! Hah, that was an Aprils Fool joke that got an "interesting" response......;)
The Wife has said I can go and find a farm with a barn-but I'll be living there alone ;)