Sunday, April 30, 2006

Curvy Fun

Apologies for non-blogging. I've been busy (Honest!) ;)
My curvy veneered project is back on line, with a few hours spent on it this week. Laminated up the final two component, cut all parts to final dimensions, applied veneer to all exposed edges and started on the solid cherry top. You know, the fun bit!
I decided to go with a curved top-the boards are 25mm thick and I've swooped them down to 19mm thick over the main body of the top. With a little bevel on the outer edges it has a pleasing oriental flavour that really adds to the piece. A result! You'd almost think I actually design these pieces before I build them ;)
Well the fun started when I got to use my new Lie-Nielsen 100 1/2 curved sole block plane. This is an hilarious tool to use-part way between a scrub plane and a model makers mini plane. It has the sole curve from side to side but also from front to back. Kinda like a curved sole spoke shave but in both directions! Sounds awkward but it is so much fun to use, especially with its built in palm handle. It leaves a furrowed pattern in the wood (like a scrub) and I was really tempted to leave it as is. Maybe for a future project.
So the table is coming along well. Just the drawer to make and the much hated glue up. And I think the spray gun is coming out to play, too.
Enjoy the weekend,

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