Thursday, April 13, 2006

He Came, He Saw.

O.k. I admit, things are getting silly in the saw department. Not only do I get my wonderful Wenzloff saw, my massive bandsaw turns up. Now, to add insult to injury I find two smashing Disston panel saws in very good condition. A D7 and D8. How much? "£8 Sir, and I'll throw in the little baby saw for your daughter to play with." Yeah, I suckuth ;)
Put a new 25mm blade on the bandsaw this afternoon. That is a BIG blade! Blade change was surprisingly easy on the new saw and setting the guides pretty simple. I think I like this one! Cut a bunch of 2mm slices off a 6 inch piece of London Plane-I LIKE THIS SAW! I'll try for maximum
capacity over the weekend.
Oh, and I kept blowing fuses on start up (soft start on a bandsaw??) So now it's wired directly into my 32 amp problem!
Have a great weekend,

1 comment:

Alf said...

Hah, knew that saw coffin was too small...

Alf (taking comfort from that crumb of misfortune in a tidal wave of suckethness)