Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Slug

Hi Folks
Knocked together another Krenov style plane last night. I was bored, you know ;)
It's no the prettiest plane I've ever made, but to be fair it is something of a testbed.
I wanted to make a 60 degree bevel down plane, and the lamination method is a quick way to make a plane. It came together well, although fitting the wedge took a while. Seems my brass crosspin was a little dented.....
Did it work? Well yes and no. It works well for very fine shavings but is susceptible to the throat clogging. I'm not sure why, yet. There seems to enough space for the shavings to escape yet they still seem to jam up. I will continue to investigate.......
The tool chest mobile base is coming along slowly. The chest is now living on top of the base (with the saw till completing the tower) to be sure it will take the weight. It seems pretty happy so far!


Anonymous said...

Dunno about that one Philly, reminds me of dodgem cars in the fair.

Cheers SDP.

Philly said...

No, you're right! That is NOT a pretty plane ;)
At least I don't have to worry about that one getting stolen......

Anonymous said...

You could put four wheels on it and an engine in the back and call it Herbie....


Paul Chapman