Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Iron still waiting.......

Tool steel. Yup, still waiting................... :(
Not too happy - Tilgear have had over a week to get my steel sent out and still no show. Hence, no bloggy...........
I have two planes that are pretty much complete. As soon as the steel arrives I'll be able to finish them off and then I'll have some more pretty planes to show.
The weekend past was Yandles time (again!) Shocking how quickly it comes around. It was great to meet up with the crew from UK Workshop - we had a good old time, especially over my latest purchase. Yes, a Lie-Nielsen BRUSH!
Needless to say, such a purchase has led to much mirth. It was worth every penny ;)
I am making up the moulding to trim the tool chest base unit. I hope to veneer up the drawers for this on the coming weekend.
And then I need a new project to get my teeth into. I have a design for a Maloof inspired table to go with the chair I made ages ago. Maybe, maybe......


Nick W said...

Well, let's see this design then.

I'm currently trying to 'draw' a Maloof-ish chair for a client. SkeychUp of course can't cope, so I've been trying Alibre which looks full of promise for automated standard stuff (bookshelves, cupboards and the like) but I fear the chair is just too hard for it.

I must learn to draw by hand.

Philly said...

You're right -SU is not really suitable for such a curvy piece. Time to get the pencils out..... ;)
Table design will be along in good time - gotta get my moneys worth out of this :)