Sunday, April 08, 2007

Plane Crazy.........

Thankfully, Sophie is feeling much better today! A day spent relaxing in the sunshine and taking it easy is just what the Doctor ordered. And the workshop is so near.......... ;)
So you know I said I didn't think it was worth building a toted version of the coffin smoother? Yup, I am a sucker for it. Just applied a coat of oil before retiring for the evening. I'll make the iron and wedge tomorrow and get some final pictures for you all.
I was surprised how long it took to make the tote, probably as long as it took me to make the previous plane! I made it as part of the plane, not a glued in piece. That meant all the shaping had to be done in-situ, making things a little trickier. Worth it though.
'til tomorrow,

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Anonymous said...

That one looks really nice, Phil. Look forward to seeing it finished and reading about how it works.


Paul Chapman