Monday, April 30, 2007

Baby Plane.....

Hi Folks
Finished another plane, this time a baby smoother. Pretty little thing, I am quite taken with it. I am getting quite drawn to smaller smoothers - a #4 1/2 sized woody just doesn't seem right. I;ve put some more pictures here....
Work has been keeping me busy (and tired!!) so I am trying to finish off the mobile base for my tool chest but keep getting sidetracked. I keep picking up a plane and tweaking it, playing with it and making shavings. Not very constructive, I know, but I am learning a lot. As James Krenov mentioned in his books, wooden planes are like finely tuned musical instruments that need to tweaked and fussed over to get the best from them. But once you get them in the zone........ :)
I think I have sussed out fitting the wedge - it takes me little time to get it right, now, and they fit well without needing to be hammered in or out. That's gotta mean something!
Have a good week,


Marc said...


That's a real marvel. You must have had a lot of fun making the gem. I like the grain as seen in the big photos. Tight mouth too, did I already say I like it?

Could you point me to your tool steel supplier, I'm in need of a tongue blade of unusual size? Did you ever made a pictorial of annealing, hardening and tempering processes?

Marc in Luxembourg

Philly said...

Many thanks - glad you like it! It was fun to make - I especially like the final shaping of the body :)
Tool steel - here is a link...
I will sort out a tutorial real soon.
Best regards

Marc said...

Thanks Phil,

That helps, well you just greased another slope - already slippery :-)

Marc in Luxembourg