Monday, February 12, 2007

The Weekend That Was....

What a busy weekend that was!!!! Saturday saw me up at the crack of dawn for the Alexandra Palace Woodworking Exhibition. Waka and Martin K drove up with me so it was a very enjoyable day. We also met up with various members of UK Workshop - what a crazy bunch of guys :) I put some pictures of the days events here....
I got home at about 6pm and then had to go straight out to play with my Band. Bed at 2:30am........a tired boy indeed!
Sunday was "family day". You know, making up for all that fun ;) No woodwork that day but I have made up for it.
Finished another plane, a simple beech rebate plane this time. I do enjoy making wooden planes, such fun, and a real joy when you see them working. Need to make some more hollow and rounds to fill out my , ah, toolchest. Nearly said the "C" word then.....;)
The fluted table is coming along well. I have finished the table (except the glue!) and made sliding dovetails to take the lower rail. Need to make the drawer and we are there. This is a good looking project, I can't believe it I actually designed it.
Oh, and I have been making a replacement mantlepiece for my Mother-in-laws living room. Steamed pear with a live edge. The oil went on today, pictures once it is in place!
I've been having reports of pictures pushing the text all over the screen so will start putting the photo's at the bottom of the post to see if this helps. Let me either way - cheers!


scott said...

pix is still pushing the text, make a fun challenge to read

at least that's what I see in safari

Firefox and Camino are both perfect... although all show that the pix could be a little wider, that would probably solve the prob, though I suspect it might be full width in your browser.

Enjoying the WIP nonetheless.

Alf said...

Yeah, I get the Chinese script effect too - like this. Are you putting a break in between the text and the image? That may help. I think you should devote a Lot Of Time to fixing this so you'll jolly well slow down in the w'shop... ;)

Anonymous said...

Phil, I see it the same as Scott and Alf on my PC. It was great seeing you, Martin, Waka and the others on Saturday - a right load of nutters:)


Paul Chapman

Mike said...

Now that's funny, Alf because that looks almost identical to the screen capture I sent Phil last night!

Take care, Mike

Philly said...

Darn Blogger - I tried to make it simple (it still looks fine on my PC).
Going to try a smaller image and see if that helps.