Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Keep me away from toolshops.....

Hi Folks
Glued on the walnut strips to cover the sapwood today. Cleaned up with a plane and you would never know. Well, unless you look at the ends…..;) It has been a bit of a pain having to deal with the sap problem but at least I can on with things now. And I "beat it" ;) Now I can get started with the corner joint at last! And I know how excited you lot are about that :)
Took a trip to a Pennyfarthing Tools yesterday. Came out with some goodies….....a Disston saw vice for sharpening hand saws (which I’ve been after for AGES!) and four side bead moulding planes. Yet again, one of the planes was a size I’ve been after for a long time. I do love that shop!! :)
Then I popped over to Rob Woodbloke's house to say hello and deliver the shoulder plane. I think he was happy with it - just waiting to hear how he got on with it. It was very interesting to nose round his workshop. I also had a close look at his Elm cabinet - very, very nice and much smaller than you think.He gave me a set of firmer chisel that he had made new handles for. Very nice - thanks Rob!!!
This weekend is the Woodworking Exhibition at Alexandra Palace. I’m taking a couple of buddies up with me so it should be a great day out! It is held in an amazing venue, too. It is almost worth going just to take a look at the architecture (just don't tell anyone I said that) I’ll report back on the action (and Waka's gloatage)


Anonymous said...

Looking good, Phil. It's a nice shop, that Pennyfarthing Tools. Picked up a few little gems in there myself. Sort of place where it's difficult not to find something tempting.


Paul Chapman

Philly said...

You're right, Paul! It is great. And they always have new (OLD) stock arriving.
Just don't let the Missus know I was anywhere near there....;)
See you Saturday,