Friday, February 23, 2007

Plane and Simple....

Hi Folks
Friday at last!!
Well this week has been busy, and it certainly is good to be busy when you have to pay the mortgage. You'll also be pleased to hear I managed to spend a little time in the workshop today, too.
First things first - the drawer bottom plane. Done, tested, happy. Some pretty pictures here for you. Made from steamed pear and with an adjustable fence this plane is a copy of one I picked up a while ago. It is a fun plane to use (although it would be better with nickers - cue the MK II version) and so simple its a joy. This one is off to a friend again so I'd better get some more pictures for posterity. ;)

Glued up the remaining bits and pieces of my fluted table. With luck tomorrow will see me gluing the table together leaving just the drawer to complete. I can't wait to get the oil out for this one!
So the weekend is here - enjoy!


Mike said...

Well done, Phil!

Got a question. What kind of nickers will work with a skated plane?

Take care, Mike

Philly said...

Good question, Mike!
Umm..... none? There is quite a gap from the bottom of the body to the bottom of the skate. I don't know if it would be possible (which is a pain, really, as this plane could do with them) I use a marking gauge to score the surface before using the plane on timber where the grain runs out.
Oh, and thanks for the plug on Woodnet ;)
Best regards