Thursday, February 22, 2007

'Shop Time

Hi Folks
It’s been one of those months…....I get to spend lots of time in my workshop making things, having a great time and just enjoying woodwork. But that has been because my day job has been very quiet. And of course, when the day job is quiet you then spend most of the time worrying about the mortgage payment.
The last week has been the opposite – work is now in overdrive and ‘shop time has been minim al (especially as I’m fried when I get home). But hey, at least I know the mortgage payment is covered…..;)
I think somewhere inbetween would be good, so if the ‘ShopGods are listening…...... :)

Managed to work a bit on the table project. It is ready to be glued up and I am about to start work on the drawer. I have ordered some clever Blum drawer glides that should add a touch of class to the project – more details as it comes together!
Work is almost complete on another plane, too. This one is a plane to make grooves for drawer bottoms. It has an adjustable fence built in and is looking pretty good. I’ll post some pictures tomorrow as I have still got to apply the finish.



Nick W said...


Glad work is picking up, seems there might be some stuff in the pipline for me too. Huzzah!

Philly said...

Glad to hear that, Nick! Thank goodness....:)