Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Wooden Treasure

Update time-I gave in and laminated the hoop back for the stool. Am I happy now? No....
There are a couple of areas where the laminates haven't been pressed together tight enough whilst the glue set. Darn. Come the weekend I think I'll have another go. Or burn the thing ;)
Happened to be working near my favorite sawmill today. Came away with some little treasures. A smashing 2 inch board of quartersawn English oak, a very pretty (and I don't know how no-one had snapped it up before me) board of ripple sycamore and some more beech (labelled "2nd" quality due to some streaks of colour. quartered again) I don't really need more timber but they were just too nice to leave. And to top it off, some boxwood. Might just come in handy for the planemaking.
Another hard week at work has meant little time for wood related fun but the weekend is looming.


Geppetto said...

Hi Philly,
excuse me..because I'm very newbie woodworker I like to try to guess wood species..let me try.. mmmhh.. from left to right..oak, beech and sycamore??? Let's see the trasformation of these nice boards...
Now.. good night I go in bed.


Philly said...

You are correct! Well spotted, Gabriele.
I will let them acclimatise to the workshop for a few months before working them, and then we'll see what they look like.

Anonymous said...

Did you use a two part former to hold your laminates together? It would require an accurate single pass cut on the band saw but should guarantee even clamping pressure.


Alf said...

Second quality? With that lovely colour? I will never understand the timber trade... And do I see fully boxed side beads in your future then? One's you've made I mean, not a lucky buy!

P.S. Google Ads? Oh Phil... :(