Thursday, August 10, 2006

Risky Business

Made some more progress with the new tool chest project. Finished fitting the floating panels in the ends and decided to add some beads to liven the design up a little. Out comes the #66...
Came out well but was left with a deeper understanding of the "workmanship of risk" thing ;)
I could of put a beading bit in the router, buzz buzz and all done. Probably no fear of tear out and a perfect result almost guaranteed. But by using a scratch stock it only takes one slip and you can ruin a component. You certainly get your technique down quick ;)
Has it made any difference to the result? Don't know, but I certainly will feel a little prouder of my work every time I see those beads.


Alf said...

Lookin' good, Phil. Funny though; I always find using a router more risky.

btw, given you hassles with the steam bending, have you been reading Deirdre's reports on her class with Brian Boggs on Sawmill Creek and WoodNet? A few points there that I thought you might find interesting. Or maybe I'm just picking at old wounds... Sorry if so!

Anonymous said...

They look nice, Philly. I agree with Alf, a router is far more risky. The cock-ups certainly happen a lot faster! With a hand tool it's so much easier to see if it's going wrong and you have time to stop and do something about it.

Paul Chapman

Mike Wenzloff (MikeW) said...

I did a blog comment the other day--and it wouldn't save the bugger. Got an error. So here goes again.

I love the addition of the bead. But then, it's what I do often so that could be why.

Risk? Nah. Risk would be integral beading all way round and needing to miter the meeting of the rails and stiles...

But, there is also little risk if you get around to making some side beaders, Phil. Much faster and easier than scraping the profile.

But again, it looks wonderful.

Take care, Mike

Philly said...

Yes, been checking out Diedre's report. Sounds like she had a great (if tiring) time. I am going to finish the seat next weekend if it kills me!
On the router table I have little problems, at least in comparison to handheld ;)
Blogger does seem to get overloaded at times-I can assure you it's not down my traffic ;)
Spent some time thinking about mitred beads-chickened out, I'm afraid! I have one side bead (3/16) it was just too big for this project. Once I track down some free time I'll be making more. Darn day job.........;)