Sunday, August 06, 2006

Always Finish A Project Before Starting Another

(Or "Philly Needs Shooting")
A busy weekend painting and putting together garden furniture has mostly kept me away from my workshop. Well, I keep venturing in there but they keep dragging me back out ;)
Built a drawer for the drill press/grinding staion. With full extension runners and being 7 1/2 inch deep, I certainly have made a lot of clutter disappear. Very useful-I'll make one more drawer for good measure.
Meant to have another go at laminating the back for the shop stool. But that would of meant making a former to fit in the vacuum bag (Hey, I have one so why not use it!) and I could'nt face a third session on this component. So spent some quality time breaking down the piece of box wood into strips. Just in case they come in handy, you know. And then spent some time restoring a side bead to working order. And then, and yeah I know I'm naughty, broke down some walnut to make the tool chest I've been meaning to start. I need somewhere to keep the hand tools (the old tool racks that hung on the wall are no more) and I made plans for this whilst on holiday in June. The rails and stile for the end panels are made up, M+T's cut and just the panels to make. Having completed plans makes a project somewhat easier, huh?
So I plan to finish the stool sometime this month. Or face Alf's laughter at the UK Workshop Big Bash in early Spetember........ ;)


Alf said...

I'm in no position to throw stones when it comes to finishing projects in anything less than a geological time scale... ;~) Tool chest, huh? Sounds promising.

scott said...

Funny, your title, that is. I'm probably incapable of finishing one project without starting at least a half-dozen others. I contend the distraction from one project to another allows me time to properly contemplate and work out the details of the other projects moved to the back burner.

I'm either going to do a post about everything in progress, or spiral into the black depths of depression once I see the list.

If I'm smart I won't let my wife see, otherwise she'll never let my follow my muse and start the next couple I'm itching to start, without finishing everything else first. Which would take a year of Saturdays, if I'm lucky. (and by that time, I'll have several more to get cracking on....

oh the legacy of unfinished projects my grandchildren will inherit - and my daughters only three!