Monday, August 28, 2006

Quick on the Drawer.....

Another long weekend over. Where did it go?
Gardening, that's the answer........ ;(
O.k., so I did manage to scrape a little workshop time. The tool chest is coming along well. Five out of twelve drawer are complete and fitted. Each needs a little fitting and fettling to ensure a nice fit and action and twelve drawers is a lot. I didn't really think about that when designing it. But it looks good and that's what counts. The sides are joined to the fronts with sliding dovetails. The front is rebated for the drawer bottom which is also the drawer runners. The sides and back sit on the bottom, the whole thing is glued up and voila. Light, pretty and strong. Just a bit fiddly ;)
Need to get the drawers finished before I think about making the top and bottom mouldings. And then the "frenching" in of the tools will begin.
With the UK Workshop Big Bash approaching (OMG, only two weeks left!!!) I was hoping to clean the workshop up a bit. Maybe sharpen a few tools, you know. Instead I turfed the front lawn. So at least it will look nice when you turn up, even if the 'shop is a state ;)
Squeezed in a little planemaking when the Missus wasn't looking. I seem to be "clicking" now and I'm banging through planes at an almost impressive rate. Don't think I'll be giving up the day job, though;)
Have a good week,


Alf said...

Looks good, and love the bespoke stand for it... ;)

Philly said...

Thannks Al. You don't think the bespoke stand is a bit "over-the-top"? ;)