Sunday, March 12, 2006

Another one in the bag. Well, box.

The saw till is complete! Yup, finally got the till finished. Two coats of oil and a coat of wax and voila. More pics to follow. Had a real problem finding quality brass hardware. The Brusso stuff is great but priced for lottery winners. The stuff available from DIY stores is appalling. Got me thinking about making my own for the future.......
Spent today making up a former for my first curbed/veneered piece. 16 pieces of mdf, cut roughly to size and then routed to a perfect match, nailed together and sanded smooth. not a lot of fun :(
But know let the curvy stuff begin! I had an outlandish idea of making up some presents for Mothers day. It could happen ;) Not!
Any shortcuts for making formers or is it hard work and repetition?

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Anonymous said...

Well done, your saw till looks really great!