Friday, May 22, 2009

Template Routing

HI Folks
Had an excellent week in the workshop and made some good progress. The Hollows and Rounds are about complete, just need to finish testing them out - pictures soon. And I've been busy starting some fillisters and skew miters.

The guitar project.....

All the components have safely arrived and I'm really pleasd with the service I received - I bought everything I needed from Axes R Us, and they were superb -quick delivery and excellent prices. If you need any guitar components they are worth checking out. 

So its routing template time......
I made the template for the pickup cavities so, after removing the majority of the waste with a forstner bit in the drill press, I attahched the template with double sided sticky tape (yes, it does work) and cleaned up the recesses with the router. A very neat and professional looking result! 
After drilling a hole between the two pickup recesses with an extra long spade bit I turned my attention to the back. The controls recess needed to be made as well as a lip around the recess for a cover to sit on. Another template! This time I made a female for the recess and a male to make a matching cover. With the waste removed with the drill press I routed the lip and then cleaned up the bottom with the router. Job done!

Next task is to decide exactly where the controls will go and drill out for them. Then the fingerboard need completing and we can get sanding - exciting stuff!

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