Monday, May 18, 2009

On the shelf..........

Hi Folks
Had a busy week working on non-plane related things. First up were a set of fitted shelving units for a friend. Made from oak veneered MDF, they came out a treat - now the Wife has designs for something suitable for our lounge.
Then I installed a fitted bedroom suite for a another frie
nd - lots of woodwork fun!

With those tasks out of the way I was happy to get back to the comfort of my workshop. The Hollows and Rounds are coming along nicely and I've been roughing out timber for upcoming plane orders, as well as stock for the upcoming West Dean "Hand Tool Event". I hear that Karl Holtey is attending this, and I'm really looking forward to picking his brains!

The electric guitar project has fallen behind a little, so I knocked up a router template for the pick-up cavities. Hopefully I'll rout those tomorrow and make some more progress - all the components I need are now safely in the workshop.



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Anonymous said...

You makin' a plain guitar...

or something with bling...