Monday, May 11, 2009

Good Show!

HI Folks
Finally recovered from my infection - took longer than expected, and probably not helped by the sawdusty atmosphere of my workshop. But thanks for all the thoughful emails, much appreciated!

Last weekend was the WL West woodworking show at Petworth, West Sussex. I've been meaning to make a visit there for a while and the opportunity to attend the show and demonstrate my planes was perfect. It is held at their sawmills, a very professional and smart location, which has a hobbiest shop and self-selection timber yard too. 
The show was very enjoyable and there was a lot of different woody things to see, from turning demonstrations, carving, musical instrument making and displays from colleges. There was also top axe man Steve Woodley on display, carving a beam from a huge oak log. I know it was huge as I helped him move the thing into position - my back still feels slightly shorter ;)
British Woodworking editor Nick Gibbs was also there spreading word about his magazines (as well as whittling away at branches on his clever shavehorse. And Mike and Alex from Classic Hand Tools were there with their usual range of high quality hand tools to make woodworkers drool.

So I'm back in the workshop and getting stuck into some more planes - this week some more hollows and rounds for a customer in Canada and a moving fillister, shoulder plane and brass soled smoother. 


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back Phil, we've missed your cheery blog entries

Woodbloke said...

Hi Philly - nice to see you up and around, looked like a good show - Rob