Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Shave MKII

HI Folks
Been in the workshop again and couldn't resist making another spokeshave. This time I used an off-cut of Ovangkol, a tough African exotic. Smells like farmyard when machining it but is very dense and takes a deep polish.
Used a brass wear strip this time - the Ebony doesn't look like it will be the most durable choice. And instead of using screws set under the blade to adjust the depth of cut like the first shave I tapped the body and used grub screws so I could adjust the depth of cut from the top. You'll notice the brass knobs are somewhat more refined on the MKII model - thanks to Wayne A for the tips and inspiration.In use, the shaves are a real pleasure - the toe is bevelled back a small amount (2 degrees or so) to allow the tool to cut on a flat surface. I was particularly impressed with their performance on end grain - the photo above shows a bevel I made on some mahogany. The bevel is about 10mm wide and is perfectly cut - a real "from the tool" sheen!
Next I want to make some smaller versions. Watch this space!

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