Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Saw Point?

HI Folks
Yes, me again!
Went to a car boot sale today - saw a huge amount of rubbish with one gem hidden within. A Disston 70 dovetail saw. Had been cleaned up rather more than I would of liked (scrubbed and sanded to an inch of its life.....) but I was happy to pay the list price.
Got it home and had a closer look - the teeth were somewhat "random". Zero set, and looked like it needed a good jointing. So I took a test cut....
Wow! Cut real nicely. Really :)
I have a few premium dovetail saws so I can tell you it cut as well (if not better) than my L-N's. I was staggered!
So I'm revising my concept of what makes a good sharpening job - maybe identical, level teeth aren't the answer?

Oh...what's that? How much??

A pound ;)


P.s. Apologies about the corny blog titles lately. Must be the humidity...... ;)


Jeremy Kriewaldt said...

I see what you mean by 'random'. Maybe it confuses the timber and then cuts it while it is looking the other way? Maybe it is like a skip-tooth band saw or scroll saw blade and the 'gaps' reduce friction, you will be cutting with fewer teeth but it will be easier.

The zero set is interesting - my take is that for things like dovetailing very little set is needed - dovetails are rarely so deep that the blade will bind in the kerf. For long rips, however, esp if the wood is green, set is your friend.


Jeremy (jmk89)

DaveL said...

OK so why are there no boot sales around here, let alone ones with tools at sill prices, you suck!