Monday, June 23, 2008

And One More For Luck....

Hi Folks
So I had to make another shave. I don't have a problem - I can stop at any time........honest!! ;)

This one was a dinky model, made from Pau Rosa with a 50mm wide iron and smaller handles. Just to see how it would feel. I also used slightly thicker stock (30mm over 25mm) which helps to add a little extra weight. I like a tool to have a good amount of heft - the oak shave, while I love the colour and feel, is much lighter than the other two. And the latest smaller shave is heavier than the Ovangkol one - go figure!

Been playing around with different brass knob designs, too. Looks a little more refined than my workmanlike earlier efforts. See - I do get better as time goes by ;)



DaveL said...

Now I do like that, I have a veritas kit still in the draw, must see if the padouk I have is thick enough to make a shave.

Anonymous said...

It was great trying out those shaves on Saturday, Phil. They work really well - and I do like your blade adjuster screws.


Paul Chapman