Friday, October 20, 2006

Tah Dah!

So, tool chest. Finished. Kinda.....
I've been distributing tools through out the drawers, trying to get a kind of order. Chisels, marking out, etc. The most used tools at the top, and so on. And big heavy stuff at the bottom. Still trying to decide on a method of holding the tools in place. I've made holders for the chisels but am still trying to find a suitable material so I can "french" in the rest of the tools.
Saw till...... tool chest-next, the lower mobile base-come-drawer unit. It needs to be pretty darn sturdy as the tool chest is quite a weight fully laden! Sadly this must wait as a bathroom re-furb is on the near horizon. Next weekend to be exact!! And various plumbing, tiling and flooring tasks await. Fun......;)
The skew plane MK II is still on the "to-do" list. Just need to find that extra bit of spare time. Maybe we could get together and bulk buy some? Say a couple of weeks each? Anyone know a website that we can order some from ;)
Making yet another saw handle. Inspired by the various exmaples on show at UK Workshop and from Sawmeister "The Wenz", out come some Pau Rosa for another go. Its looking good-just sanding and the mortise for the back to go. Those dense timbers are much easier to get a good finish on for this kind of work.
Enjoy the weekend,


Anonymous said...

God, I hate tiling. If you've not got one (hard to imagine!!) get yourself one of those powered cutters - you know, rather like a small saw bench with a diamond or carbide coated cutter that runs in water. Very accurate and saves hours of messing about with the other, largely inaccurate, methods of cutting ceramic tiles. Bet you'll be muttering "I'd rather be woodworking"......

Paul Chapman

Mike Wenzloff (MikeW) said...

Yep, when we remodeled our home in 1998, I bought about the cheapest tile saw I could--and the thing still works fine. Take Paul's advice if you have any tile to do.

The cabinet is a solid looker, Phil. Quite nice. With a base to it, it will be an impressive unit.

Pau Rosa will make a really nice handle. Pretty adictive work in some respects. I have a couple saws I'm going to make, inspired by Mr. S as well. These will be mine. Which means by this time next year...

Take care, Mike

Philly said...

I do have a small watercooled tile cutter. Messy but much more reliable. Luckily there's not too much tiling. I'm having the walls plastered then just tiling the one end wall and a small return on the two others. Hopefully using limestone which will require just butting up toeach other. Hoping for a simple job-hey, it could happen ;)
Thanks Mike, the chest looks good. Can't believe how heavy the thing is fully laden-glad I made it well. Not a biscuit in sight......
Pleased with the Pau Rosa-so nice to work. The Aurious love it!
Have a good weekend,

Alf said...

Mmm, nice. Can't see the "Place order" button though, Phil...?

Did a tiny bit of tiling once; it was, erm, well, not something I'd embrace again if you see what I mean. Always makes me think of two things, but I'll spare you one and merely inflict this quote from Victoria Wood's "dinnerladies"

Young dinnerlady: Our Lord who?
Older dinnerlady: Tsk. Didn't you do religious studies?
Young dinnerlady: No. I did tiling.
Older dinnerlady: Tiling? Tiling?! What d'you do in a spiritual situation? Kneel down and grout?

Mind you, it may all be in the delivery...