Friday, October 13, 2006

Plane Damp

Hi Folks
Apologies for the late update. Where does the time go?? (answer-installing a new hard drive and Windows..........)
The Skew plane. Finally got the blade finished and filed the mouth open. In use it works well, the combination of weight, skew and sharp iron make for easy shooting. But the grip? Hmm......still not sure. I initially liked it, then hated it, then had doubts. After obtaining a second opinion I still have doubts. So I'll be making another one tomorrow;)
The tool chest is almost there. Just the base and some fin al fittin gof the drawers to do. The drawers-my new workshop needs a little work on the moisture front. As I have only been in there a few months I've not had any experience of winter life in the new 'shop. Relative humidity is about 85% at the moment, way too high. So most of the drawers are binding now. (Yes, worse than they were during the Big Bash, for those who had a fumble) So I need to sort out the main cause of the moisture, the double garage door. It has big gaps top and bottom. So I will be attaching brushes on the weekend to get things started. Also need to start the de-humidifier up. Then I can start tweaking the drawer fit.
Xmas is starting to loom on the horizon so thoughts turn to projects I can build for gifts. Any ideas, Folks?


Anonymous said...

Hi Phil,

Difficult to know what to suggest for gifts because it depends who they are for. However, one Christmas, many years ago, I made a hobby horse each for my daughter and niece. They really liked them and had hours of fun "riding" around the house. My sister-in-law still has the one I made for my niece and has modified it to turn it into a small bed-side table!! Looks quite cool.

Paul Chapman

Alf said...

Dunno if you've got any gardeners in your midst, Phil (I seem to be surrounded by the blighters) but one of the more successful Christmas gifts I did was get some small baskets and filled them with a turned dibber, an assortment of turned "cane toppers" to protect your eyes from plant supports and some roughly bandsawn oblongs of oak with copper wire "strings" as plant labels. Bit of raffia and a ball of twine and you've got a nice rustic effect - about £30 quid from a posh catalogue ;~) 'Bout time to do some more cane toppers for me mum actually...

Tony said...

Turned xmas tree decorations I have seen some very nice ones with a lick of paint on them to accentuate areas...