Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Fully Knobbled

Hi Folks
Finished off the knobs-hooray!! Don't know why they always fill me with fear, although I guess they do make or break a project. And please stop laughing at the back.........;)
Found a funny thing out when turning the rosewood. After shaping the piece and sanding it with 120 grit paper I burnished each piece using the bevel of a gouge. You know, rub the bevel but without actually cutting. This removed all fine sanding marks and brought it up to a polish. A little paste wax and they looked great. Not come across this before whilst turning. Mind you, I'm not the worlds most prolific turner........;)
Got a stinking cold at the moment. Sniffing and running. Not a lot of fun (although Dr. J Daniels is trying his best ....) but still was excited to get back in the 'shop.
Other stuff.........Some of you may be aware I've been playing with a design for a skew mouth plane for the shooting board. First (read "it looks ugly because I haven't shaped it") picture for your purusal. Pau Rosa, Krenov construction. The iron is a beast-1/4 inch thick O1.........More details to follow.
Cheers, Phil


Anonymous said...

Those knobs look really nice, Phil.

Paul Chapman

Alf said...

Kewl - both knobs and skew plane. 1/4" iron? Yowsers!

Philly said...

Thanks Folks-simple but classy was the look I was going for.
1/4 inch iron......becuase I love filing ;)

Tony said...

Ahhh, so that's what you were making whilst chatting on the phone the other night! I like 'em mate, I likes them a lot. Fits in with the look of that cupboard very nicely.

The plane is looking good. how heavy is it?