Friday, May 19, 2006

Packing It In

As the reality of moving has now sunk in it's time to get packing. And boy, there's plenty of it ;)
The Wife has been busy doing the boring stuff and, with the weekend ahead, it's time for me to get stuck in to the workshop (AGAIN!)
Many thanks for the well wishes from my faithful readers (you know who you are), it's going to be an interesting week!
Have a good weekend,


>>>TOM said...

Halo Philly,
Nice blog..
But you should put a shout box in your blog so people can leave messages easilly.
thanks and bye...


Alf said...

I've really got to get to grips with RSS feeds on this darn Mac - I'm hopelessly behind. Lesssee... table; very nice. Pick-up; gas-guzzling monstrosity, for shame. Move; I'll only believe it when I see it. And knowing you I dare we'll be seeing every nook and cranny of your new workshop. huh..? ;~P

Philly said...

Glad you liked the table, It was fun. The pick-up is diesel-over 30mpg on a run and 25 round town so not too bad. Perfect for the Woodkateers outings ;)
The move really IS happening. You should see the state of the house! Just off to take my timber stash to our storeroom at work. That'll make things a little easier on the day. I'll try and get the odd photo taken for you ;)
Have a good weekend

SDP said...

Very stressful time.
Best of luck with the move Philly.