Sunday, May 07, 2006

I Spray, I Spray, I Spray....

Finished spraying the table with lacquer today. Used my cheapo B+Q HVLP kit, applied six coats. No drama, a good coverage and left with the "why do I fear spraying" feeling. It went remarkably well and I have already rubbed out some of the parts. I think that's one of the myths of spraying-if you spray it will come out perfect. It NEVER does, you still need to rub out any imperfections to bring it to a shine. It's just that lacquer is great for rubbing out! ;)
So I started on a handle. As regular visitors may know, I have a bit of a mental block when it comes to handles. But this time I just grabbed a bit of walnut and started wittling away with a knife. Nearly there, and the Missus likes it too!
As to the move, well no exchange yet. Sounds like Tuesday could be a possible. Maybe.......
Looking forward to tomorrow though-my new Nissan Navarra pickup is being delivered (touch wood...) Pictures to follow

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