Thursday, April 22, 2010

Partridge and Box

Hi Folks

The Yandles show was very enjoyable - thanks to all that called by to say "Hi!" and have a play with a plane. The verdict on the new 2 inch smoother shape was a big thumbs up, so I'm making a couple more to photograph and put on the website. One is from a piece of Partridge wood, a timber I've never come across before. It is extremely dense, possibly the heaviest timber I've worked - its easily as heavy as Lignum or Blackwood. I've managed to keep a little streak of sapwood on the one side - I need another couple of days to finish it off, but it looks very promising.

I've almost completed another Try plane, too. I love making these - I'll be adding these to the website as a standard item soon, along with Jointers. 30 inch Jointer anyone?

Here's some pics of a Boxwood Classic Smoother that shipped this week - it had some lovely streaks of colour and plenty of birds eye. Pretty rare for Box - and a treat to work!


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Woodbloke said...

Hi Philly - that firmer chisel in the first pic looks familiar... - Rob