Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Rosewood and the 100

HI Folks
Just about finished the second "Inphil" plane - it works really nicely, and looks suitably handsome in the tradition of infill panel planes. The timber on this one is Santos Rosewood, a favourite of mine - very dense and wonderful figuring. Smells nice, too!
One of the reasons for building this plane was to try a longer soled smoother - being a longer plane also adds additional weight. My initial thoughts were that it was un-necessary and I kept wanting to reach for the shorter smoother. But I'll perservere with it for a bit longer and see if it converts me.

Other exciting news - The Lambrettas played the 100 Club in London on the weekend. It was a real buzz to play at such a famous venue - the list of famous bands and artists who have played there over the last half a century is quite mindblowing! The walls were plastered with atmospheric photo's and it felt really amazing to be playing there. We were supported by The Teenbeats and Long Tall Shorty, so it was an entertaining (and long) evening.

So with my feet back on the ground I'm beavering away in the workshop - this week see's Skew Miters and a Fillister underway.




Anonymous said...

Very cool - and the plane's quite good as well!!

Cheers ;-)

Paul Chapman

Anonymous said...

I thought you were going to tell us that you had completed your 100th plane!.
Do you know how many you have made so far Phil?

David ward

Philly said...

Thanks Paul!

Ahh....David. That milestone has long past - I've completed over 250 planes. I'm almost getting the hang of it ;)
Best regards

Roger said...

Sounds fabulous, Philly! Hmm..the Skew Miters might be a good name for your next band.