Thursday, November 12, 2009

On The Porch..

HI Folks
I've been doing more work on the second Inphil prototype and its coming together nicely - I tested it out with a spare iron and it worked very nicely with minial tuning, a good sign. I have some final sanding to do and the finish to apply and I'll take some decent photo's. Here's a picture of it next to the first.

Had a customer collect two Jack planes yesterday - one had a convex sole to make coopered doors. The customer specified Rosewood handles, wedges and strike buttons - I think they look good against the Beech.

And I actually did some woodwork that was NOT plane related! I'm building a porch for the house from Oak - today (with the help of my trusty shop buddy Mr X) we fitted the main framework after trimming back the blockwork for a good fit. Typically the heavens opened before I was able to get a coat of varnish on it - I await tomorrow morning with crossed fingers that I don't wake up to blackened oak.

'til tomorrow....



David said...

Hi Phil,

These jack planes looke absolutly great! I realy like the two wood together! Now , you have to explaine somthing to me, if woodies work as good as we know they do, why making infill(or half infill...)? what is the idea of putting "metal" side to the beauty of the woodie??
just currious!
Take care

Philly said...

Thanks David!
I know, why do I have to keep tinkering? I'm just a curious guy :) I just have to get it out of my system!
Best regards