Monday, October 12, 2009

A Softer Floor

HI Folks

As I mentioned in the last blog entry, I was awaiting a delivery of foam floor tiles for the workshop. They turned up bright and early today - a pleasant surprise! I bought them from a trader on Ebay, and a very good prove they were too - four packs of four tiles, each two foot square, for £25. Enough to do the main areas of the workshop.
It only took five minutes to put them in place (after a quick sweep up of the sawdust). The tiles click together easily and, to complicate matters, are grey on one side, and bright red, blue, yellow or green on the reverse. I went with the boring grey, although may change my mind one day if I'm truly bored ;)
The tiles feel good underfoot - soft enough to take the pressure off, but tough enough for workshop life. I must say I wish I had bought some years ago. At the end of work today my legs felt fine - a result!
Now - about getting that coffee machine plumbed into the 'shop............ ;)



Tom said...

and no more dings when you drop things off the bench. DAMHIKT ;)

Philly said...

Oh yeah!
Phil :)

Olly Parry-Jones said...

Hi Phil,

I bought some similar tiles off eBay not long ago and they do make a big difference, don't they. I'm hoping they'll also help to prevent my feet from getting too cold in the winter (no heating!).

Out of interest, how do you heat your workshop?


Philly said...

Yes, they have to make a difference to your feet from an insulation point of view. As for heating, I used to have an oil filled electric radiator which was good for keeping the edge off. I fitted a double radiator and plumbed it into the house central heating last winter - that has made a difference. And I have a small electric fan heater for first thing in the morning on really bad days.
Hope this helps,

Anonymous said...

Thats an excellent deal at about half price (I'm sure I paid about £14 a box from Axminster about 3 or 4 years ago)