Thursday, October 22, 2009

New Ideas......

Hi Folks
As most of you probably know, I can't help but keep experimenting with planes. Different timbers, angles, materials - you name it, I'll try it. And while relaxing in a hot bath the other evening I had another idea! Infills.......
Now - I love making wooden planes, so you don't have to worry about me going off and building infills (although customers have been asking me for a reasonably priced infill). I have made a few prototype Norris style smoothers, but completely from wood, and they never look quite right due to the thickness of the side walls. There's a minimum thickness you can get away with in wood, and it didn't always look right. So I had this idea about a plane with brass side walls, an infill but no metal sole - the infill make the sole! So you have an infill with a slippery wooden sole........
I just happened to have some offcuts of brass suitable, and doing a bit here and there, I've reached the point where the plane is usable - what do you think?
The plane works very nicely, taking sub-thou shavings easily. I'm going to a woodworking bash at Waka's in Weymouth on the weekend and will taking it along with me for some feedback. And remember where you saw this plane first.......... ;)

A customer wanted a coffin smoother in Beech, but styled after my Classic Smoother. So who am I to disappoint :) I really like this plane - its a good size but still comfortable to grip. So I may well be making this my standard design inthe future - stay tuned.

Back to the bench - Fillisters await!




Anonymous said...

That looks neat, Phil. Look forward to trying it out at Waka's bash.

Cheers ;-)

Paul Chapman

Jameel said...

That's a fantastic idea Phil. I've been throwing that idea out to Ron Brese for a while, and I'm glad you finally did it. There is something about the feel of wood on wood.

R. Davis said...


What about extending the rosewood out under the brass? Totally wood sole, could be trued with a plane. Brass sides coould be quite thin.


Anonymous said...

It was good to try out that plane yesterday at Waka's bash, Phil. Worked really well.

Cheers ;-)

Paul Chapman

Chris Knight said...

I have had a similar idea but more along the lines of equipping an iron plane with a replaceable wooden sole.

I think the are immediately adjacent to the mouth would need to be left as metal to avoid the inevitable wear problems. The bulk of the sole could be designed to take replaceable inserts of wood.

One could experiment with several different species of wooden inserts.

Anonymous said...

Great concept Phil. The feel of wood without the bulkier sides. And that's a very handsome coffin plane.