Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New Plane

Hi Folks
I've been hinting about a new plane model for a while now, and think its time to explain.
At the West Dean Hand Tool event a few months ago I had the pleasure of meeting Karl Holtey, probably the worlds #1 plane maker. His work is astonishing, and the chance to chat with him over the weekend on plane related matters was wonderful. At the end of the show he suggested we should work together on my next plane.....

So - after a few months of phone calls, emails, posting of prototypes, etc, we have the final design ready to unveil. It is a smoothing plane, with traditional styling, and is extremely comfortable in the hands as well as on the eye. The big bonus is the Iron - Karl is making the irons for this model, using his own recipe of A2 steel. This will be surface ground on ALL surfaces, and stamped with the "Holtey" name - I have been testing one of these irons out and they are superb, offering extended edge holding ability.

The cool thing is that Karl is making this blade specifically for this model plane - it is not available anywhere else. And with his input into the design we have come up with a very handsome plane - I think you will all be impressed when you see it in the flesh. And speaking of which, I will be debuting this plane at the Westonbirt "Festival of the Tree", from the 28th through to the 31st of August. If you are attending please come by the bench and say "Hello"!

If you are interested in more details on this new plane or pre-ordering, email me at




Chris Schwarz said...


Nice score! Karl's irons (and the rest of his work) are simply awesome.


Anonymous said...

Sounds good, Phil. Look forward to seeing it (and you, of course) at Westonbirt.

Cheers ;-)

Paul Chapman

Woodbloke said...

Phill - sounds a really interesting project, I won't be at Westonbirt though (saving for hols) - Rob