Monday, August 17, 2009


Hi Folks

Some of you might know that I play guitar - I'm a bit of a musician and play in a couple of local bands. An oportunity arose recently for me to play with a rather special band - The Lambrettas. They were pretty big in the '80's Mod music scene, and had a few chart hit singles.
A couple of years ago their frontman, Jez Bird, passed away. An invitation to reform for a festival in Brighton meant that the guitarist Doug Sanders had to step up to the vocal mike, leaving the guitar spot empty. Enter Philly stage left ..........

So this weekend, after a few weeks feverish practising, the Lambrettas headlined the Modrophenia '79 festival at the Brighton Concorde center. It was their first gig since 1982 and we enjoyed a very warm reception! There are a few video clips of us on Youtube - search for "lambrettas concorde" and you'll find them. I'm the one on the right of your screens ;)

This week its back to the workshop. And maybe I'll reveal all on my new plane model.



R Francis said...

Did you get your haircut and wear your parka?

Woodbloke said...

...and what about the scooter Philly? (I had one, GT200)
Good one though! - Rob

Anonymous said...

Look out Phil...she's crazy ;o)

AndyBoydnl said...

Well well rock on Philly, looked great.

(mind you getting your haircut to join a band seems somewhat at odds..)


Philly said...

Yes, a haircut was necessary. Mind you - folks have been saying that for a long time....... ;)

Jim Voos said...

Wow, beautiful planes and you play a LP as well? You are my hero :). I am hoping to get a National Resophonics El Trovador in a few weeks. Can't wait!

Keep up the good work!

Philly said...

Thanks Jim! An El Trovador? excellent!