Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Strings and things...

Hi Folks
For a change I've been tinkering with my guitars. The Telecaster that I recently refinished is back together and a replacement scratchplate arrived today to add the icing on the cake. Sadly it doesn't fit quite right so you'll have to wait until tomorrow for a "post tweak" picture. She looks really pretty, though. Kinda Tele Keith Richard would be proud of.
Also did a little upgrade on my Strat (yes, there is a Fender theme here!) I fitted a set of "Texas Specials" single coils, the ones in the Stevie Ray Strat. And what a difference a set of pick-ups can make - transformed! If you ever wished your guitar was a little posher sounding don't buy a new one - upgrade!
Made another pair of "Black Beauties" and thought you might like a photo. A friend has recently discovered a treasure trove of Indonesian Rosewood" and I aim to ransack some of it so stay tuned for more rosewood tinted planes soon.


Ethan said...


The black beauties look dashing! I wish I had the funds to add to my order! But that gives me something to look forward to in the future...



Roger said...

Beautiful planes as usual. I'm anxious to see your guitars. Does your Strat now sound like SRV's old #1?

Anonymous said...

Much as I like the planes, I wanna see the guitars! (and possibly hear them too).

Cheers Mike R