Thursday, December 06, 2007

Where is he?

Thanks to those who have enquired of my health - yes, I am healthy and very much alive ;)
Actually, we've been to Euro Disney on holiday. And survived.......
And then came straight down with a cold. I'm just about over it but it has made for a pretty miserable week.

So - my little review of the Veritas small Plough is out there for anyone who dares to read it. A nice plane, as metal planes go ;)

Just started using a new batch of Beech. Real nice - dense, clean and straight. Pics soon.......


Mike R said...


The beech that you are talking about madeone excellent Miter plane as I'm sure you know. It's just a great looking and great working plane. The Mini Panel Raiser will be the perfect compliment to the Miter.
Your talent grows with every plane that you make and I feel lucky to have been there when it all started.

Take care,


SDP said...

Enjoyed the review.


nick b said...

hopefully st.nick has the plow plane for me this year :). a little off topic here, but phil, what kind of glue would you suggest using for those exotic, oily woods?

Philly said...

Very kind, Mike! Glad you like your plane :)

My pleasure, SDP

Nick - I've had excellent results using PU glue. And since I started using fast setting PU glue (five minute stuff!) it has transformed glue-ups for me.
Hope this helps