Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas

Arghhh!! My worst Blogging month ever!
December has been a crazy month - I've been rushing around like a fool all month and time has just disappeared. I've got lots of ideas flying around my head and look forward to a few days off to get my feet back on the ground so I can get back on track.
Some new plane designs are on the books as well as my latest model.
I've even had some good furniture ideas - I miss making furniture and will be getting stuck in for 2008. And Project Norris needs some time spent on it, too!
But now is the time to relax, have a glass of your favourite tipple and spend time with the family.
Merry Christmas to you all!


Anonymous said...

Happy Christmas Phil, have a good one, catch you after .

All the best Mike R.

Michael R said...


Thank you for your wonderful planes as they are a joy to use.

Thank you,
Michael Rogen

craigmarshall said...

I hope you're still working on my shoulder plane and curvy wooden jack plane!

Hope you had a great christmas, and have a fantastic new year!


Philly said...

Thank you all! Glad to see you all survived Christmas day ;)
Craig - your shoulder plane is nearly done and I hoe to have a curvy new Jack to show you soon. Well, as soon as I'm allowed to play in the workshop again ;)
Best regards