Saturday, October 06, 2007

The English Patient

No, don't worry. This is still a "ToolHead" blog ;)
Had an interesting phonecall today from a tool buddy. He put me onto a chap who had a Norris A5 that I might be interested in.
So I called around to see this "beauty". And boy, it was not quite what you might expect!
It was in the bottom of a box of tools the guy had bought at auction. It is badly rusted, missing its iron, has the adjuster snapped off and features huge amount of woodworm. Nice..........
So I have a new project plane - I hope you don't mind if I give it the full "Philly Works"? It certainly needs it and is beyond a simple cleaning and polishing job.
Stay tuned....


amish said...

You're gonna turn that into a Ferrari i know it!

Anonymous said...

I think you've got your work cut out there. It's the fetching wee holes in the front bun that catch the eye first then erm the patina on the sides. It's a beauty :)


Dorje said...

Well this oughtta be fun to watch!

Alf said...

Cripes, Phil, and I thought I picked tools only their mother could love! At least you don't have to worry about destroying any value ;-) Look forward to seeing the result.

Philly said...

Thank you, thank you!
Yes, I'm a sucker for pretty face ;)
Fingers crossed I should have some more photo's for you tomorrow.