Sunday, September 09, 2007

Show and tell

Had the pleasure of meeting up with Waka, Tony and Bill from UK Workshop for the bi-annual visit to Yandles Woodworking Show. And what a fun day it was........
Yandles has a real inviting atmosphere. Held at a working saw mill (which closes down for the show) it is not a huge show but big enough. And theres plenty to see - as well as lots of interesting timber :)
Needless to say, the boys goaded each other to ever greater heights of tool purchases. It was hilarious to watch. And don't even ask about the manbag...............;)
Back home I've been having yet another workshop change around in the never-ending pursuit of the perfect layout. With my ever expanding planemaking I needed another bench for final fettling and "shipping". So I have now sorted that, as well as making the shop more efficient. Again.
Two more planes are leaving the door - they certain look pretty!


Michael R said...

Absolutely outstanding! I'm a bit familiar with what the first plane is, but how about the second one? I really like the way the bottom halves mimic each other only in reverse.

Philly said...

Thank you!
The second plane is a "Miter Plane", a low angle plane for cutting end grain and for use on the shooting board. The design is 18th Century and the "blocky" shape is an advantage - this plane spends a lot of its time on its side.
Best regards

amish said...

phil looking good! glad to hear youre busy!

i can't wait to get the shop up and running and currently awaiting my copy of "making and mastering wooden planes". something odd to ask you, what did you ever put IN your krenov cabinet?? haha. all the best.


Philly said...

Good question! I have a japanese tea service in mine. They compliment each other pretty well (IMHO)
Good luck getting your shop operational,