Sunday, September 16, 2007

First Try....

Hi Folks
Well, here is my completed Try Plane. I have a confession - I originally planned to make this a "Razee" style plane. Made the body, fitted the iron and wedge, shaped the tote. Then it was time to bandsaw off a section at the rear. But my pencil started drawing interesting curves and, before you know it I have come up with this. It is a mix of Stanley Bedrock and classic Infill - I think I'd call it "CRazee".......;)
The plane is made from Bubinga and has a 2 3/8 inch wide iron - pretty big! At 24 inches long I was expecting this plane to be HEAVY. But with the "interesting" shaping the weight has dropped considerably and it feels very pleasant in use. I was unsure about the front strike button - comments from my band of trusty plane testers all said a front grip of some description would be needed. It certainly is needed for easy removal of the wedge without damaging the stock and in use it is perfect for nestling your thumb behind. What do you think?
Have a good week,


amish said...

hey phil!! great looking plane, as usual! i just picked up "making and mastering wooden planes" by one of krenov's students. excellent book!...just one thing im not happy with is the lack of description on making a curved bottom plane, and how to sharpen an iron with a radius! can't wait for a new piece of furniture from you philly!!

Philly said...

Thanks Amish! Very kind.
If you make a curved bottom plane make sure you make the mouth tight at the "highest" point of the sole. Otherwise you will have a mouth that is way too wide when you shape the sole - DAMHIKT ;)
Furniture??? I want to - just need to find the time.
Best regards

amish said...

hah! but what about sharpening the iron, since its curved? by the way, its nick, the dude thats been bugging you lately haha!!