Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Miter Plane

Here we go, then. The completed plane.
Looks pretty good (IMHO) The chunky chamfers work well. And the weight balance is perfect. I made a skewed iron mitre plane as an experiment and it never felt right. But his one makes me happy - it feels right.
The iron is bedded at 33 degrees. Low enough to be noticeable compared to a standard bench plane but leaving enough wood for strength. And the monster iron is perfect in this instance. Chatter is NOT going to be an issue ;)
I've put more pics here..


Dorje said...

Wow- this came out great! Is this the one you made for a friend or are you keeping this one?

Mike said...

The more I look at your miter plane, the more it excites me that you are making these planes, Phil.

I could share what Schwarz told me about your planes...

Take care, Mike

Philly said...

Thanks! No, this one wasn't intended for a Mate. Although that may change.....;)
Thanks Mike - and I can't believe you are teasing me with the Schwarz news. Come on - out with it!!! :)

Dorje said...

So, what did Schwarz say...

Anonymous said...

I wanted to introduce myself after hearing about you and seeing your planes from Mike W. whose taste in tools I usually trust implicityly. But this teasing is a little rough. I'll tell you what, I'm pretty good friends with Chris myself so you know, maybe I can find out what all the gum flapping is all about. If I hear anything worth anything, I'll let you know.

Your planes are, well I fell the need to talk about some of them soon. Until then, it was my pleasure meeting you.

Michael Rogen